Cat Park

(C++, FLTK, OpenGL, Blender)

Assignment for a Computer Graphics course in undergrad. You can walk around a cat-themed park, and ride the rollercoaster. All geometry/animation was written in the source code, except the cat model. I made the cat model in Blender and wrote a C++ .obj importer.

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GameFAQs Avatar Script


Userscript that adds avatars next to posts on the GameFAQs forums. Without it, you have to click on a username or visit the user's profile page to see avatars

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Taking advantage of unlimited subdomain levels. Mostly just NGINX server config.

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Love Live Bot

(Python, OpenCV)

Assignment for Computer Vision course in undergrad. Attempt at a bot that plays the mobile rhythm game, Love Live: School Idol Festival. The screen is captured and analyzed at regular intervals to detect the icons and send touch input. The timing is accurate, but I didn't have time to include handling for hold and double notes.

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Tatacon Tester


Interactive visualizer for Taiko no Tatsujin drum controller inputs (it doesn't really do anything if you don't have the controller plugged in, sorry). I drew the drum SVG in a text editor.

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